Just picture yourself walking down a country road or ambling through a meadow and you have the feeling we've
tried to gain with our Woodland Theme. Fresh scents of the forest in our soaps, pot pourri and bath crystals and
greens in all shades from Olive to Mint . Emerald, Sage and Spring Green colours abound.
This is a green satin draught stopper decorated with a rose, beaded tassel and some lace.
These are some lovely examples of Woodland flowers. Violas have 21 individual
flowers per bunch..
Woodland Hydrangeas,
Exotic beaded fringing and lace make this hair clip.
It could easily be made into a brooch.
Medium Beaded Fringing. $30 per Mt
or $16 for 50cm
Exotic Beaded Fringing
Any of our Appliquets or lace can be dyed in the
Woodland Theme.
Cutain Tie Back.
Silver Hydrangeas
39 flowers per bunch $12.95
Shot Green satin Glasses Case.
Ribbon embroidered
Book Cover projects.
Personalise your Phone Book
Hair Accessory
Single leaves come in three sizes as well as
Woodland Pansies
Ribbon Embroidered Round Box
and Toiletry Bag
Sea Foam Sequined lace