Vintage  Vogue
Vintage Vogue is the name we came up with for all our purples, mauves,
lavenders, lilacs and violets. The main fragrence is lavender. The decore is art
deco .
This is a cushion project using a mix of
purple roses, violas and violets on a lace
appliquet with a gold lace border. A beaded
tassel has been added. Looks beautiful on a
Our new curled leaf posy in
Vintage Vogue colours.
Large Purple Rose.
Medium Mauve Rose.
This is our Fluer Lace dyed to theme
but any of our laces can be dyed to
match any colour scheme.
Dogwood Rose
Posy. $7.50
6 buds.
This brooch uses violas,
violets and a dogwood bud on
a large leaf.
Karen has made this lovely Lavender Lady
Pin Cushion using lace, small flowers and a
beaded tassel. we stock more of these half
ladies. Just contact us for photos.
Violet Posy.
Exotic Beaded Fringing
$30 per Mt
Hair Beak
Viola Posy.
Viola Hair Comb
Vintage Vogue
Fan Dangle
Lavender fragranced
Rose Guest Soaps
$2.50 each
Purple Organza and
Velvet Hydrangeas
Large Rose Spray
Medium Beaded Fringing
$30 per Mt
Short Beaded Fringing
$10 per Mt
Vintage Vogue Hair Comb
Violet Braid used in comb above
$18.95 per Mt
Tassel Lady using long beaded
fringing and one of our half dolls
Wild Rose $5.50
Dainty Flowers Trim
This project uses a gold appliquet as
a background for a rose and tassel