Tre`  Chic
In this theme we have our version of the popular Shabby Chic look. We included pastel colours mainly pinks
and creams. The scents of our  Soaps  and Bath Crystals is predominantly Floral such as Gardenia, Vanilla,
Jasmin and  Channel No 5 for the Pot Pourri. The projects here are very feminine and pretty.
This is one sample of a made up coat hanger
using our "Fluer" lace , undyed and a
medium rose and 6cm of long beaded
fringing. Any of our lace matches this theme.
A simple container of pink flowers makes a
lovely centrepiece.
This appliquet has sequins and pearls on it.
Our baby rose is the size of a 50c piece
and is $2.
This is a beautiful beaded fringing in blush pink pearls. Well
worth the price @ $80 per Mt to compliment your decore.
As it works out at $1 per drop we will sell it per drop. It
only takes a drop of 3 to really embellish something.
Fill our Organza Bags with bath salts for a
quick gift. Excellent for a foot soak .
Carabella Rose Posy
Here is a project to copy. A simple
Brooch using some gold dyed lace and a
large white rose
Another  project to copy. Using a single
rose from our Dogwood posy , 2 leaves
and 10cm of the long beaded fringing far
left. Attach to a brooch back or hair clip.
Long Beaded Fringing
$60 per Mt or $16 for 25cm.
Any of our lace can be dyed to match any colour
theme. We also sell the dye for $5.50 a bottle.
Medium Rose
Pink Leaf Spray
Pink Violet Posy
Decorate a White basket with
flowers and beaded fringing
This can be used as a brooch,
hair piece or an addition to a
Our large rose spray looks
lovely just placed on a bookcase
or sideboard
Below is the medium pearl beaded fringe
used above. It is $30 per Mt.
These little buds are great to add to any
small project. 8 to a bunch for $3.50
Hair Claw using buds and pearl beaded
Pink Pansies. There is
also pink pansy trios.
Hope these projects get your creative juices flowing. We often find that ladies just need
some ideas and they are off, and like us, glue flowers and beads on to anything that sits
still long enough. Happy glueing!
Our ribbon embroidered glasses cases, pot pourri bags, toiletry bags, tissue box covers
and jewellry pouches come in cream with dusky pink embroidery on them to match this
theme. We also have 50% silk embroidered scarves for a low $19.95 in cream .