This theme has a Victoriana feel to it. We have incorporated all the Burgundies, Maroon and  Cherry
colours. And for the aromas we have the oldy worldy scents of Roses in our soaps, bath crystals and pot
pourris. We also have unscented rose petals so you can scent them with your own favorite essential oil.
We have a rose shaped guest soap and bath bombs as well.
Purchase our burgundy organza bags or kit, decorate them and fill them for a gift.
Our Soaps in the  Romantique theme are -English Rose with Jojoba, Rose Petal and Chocolate. These are
$3.50 each or 3 for $10.  We also have plain burgundy organza bags in 3 sizes. Small, Medium (soap
size) and large for 2 soaps . These are also great for the Rose Pot Pourri or the Rose scented Bath Crystals
Our Ribbon Embroidery items are beautifully made. The jewellry pouch
has little pockets inside for a change of earrings or other jewellry while
travelling. There is also a matching Glasses Case and small pot pourri
Bag filled with rose scented petals @ $12.95 each
Tissue Box Cover - $12.50
Pill or Needle Box - $14.50
Toiletry Bag  - $15
Jewellry Pouch - $15-
Large Rose Spray - $15-
Dogwood Rose Posy - $7.50
Pansy Trio - $7.50
Tassel - $16.95
Short Beaded Fringing - $10 per Mt
Medium $30 per Mt.
Viola Posy - $12.95
(21 flowers)
Feel free to copy any of our finished items or add
your own flair. This large brooch is a wonderful
addition to a hat, scarf, bag or lamp etc.
Any of our laces can be dyed to any
theme or have a go yourselves.
We sell the dyes.
Large Burgundy V Neck - $7.50
Can be cut up and used in pieces
Pansy Pair - $5.50
Exotic Romantique Beaded Fringing
$30 per Mt
Long Beaded Fringing
$60 per Mt
Looped Braid -
Hydrangea posy - $10.50
( 39 flowers)
Baby Rose - $2-
Medium Rose - $6.50
Large Rose - $8.95