Lampshades and Lamp
Have you ever wondered what a fandangle is? Its such a fun word that we decided
to call our lamp decorations Lamp Fandangles. These are also called Lamp
Corsages. We make them out of quality Velvet Flowers and Beaded Fringing and
sometimes add guipure lace. They come in Clip ons, Tie ons or with a loop
attached. You can request that these be made up in the colour scheme you require
or even a matching pair and whether you want ribbon or clips or a loop on the
back.. We make large - great for large lamps or to use as a centre piece for a bridal
table,, Medium - can be used as cutain tie backs or tied on to a hat or most
lamps.and small ones - these look cute on a small lamp but can be attached to
handbags or baskets or whatever your imagination leads itself to.
Fandangles can become a wall decoration or used as a decoration above a window,
arch, doorway, bedhead or mirror. Or if you are crafty yourself you can create your
own using our