Bygone Days
Inspiration Gallery
Here are some ideas using our flowers, beaded firnging and lace. Please feel free to be
inspired , copy or add your own flair to these projects. Contact us for any help you may
need to create or decorate and we will direct you to the items you need to purchase to
replicate these romantic addditions to your home or attire.
Decorating lampshades can be a grat way of rejuvinating an old lamp or you can pick up a new one cheaply enough.
Here we have used the medium Romantique Exotic beaded fringe , a large Romantique single rose, some leaves, a
pansy and some hydrangeas. Its easy to change the appearance of this by following our themes. eg. Vintage Vogue
for a Lavender look, or Woodland for the Greens. Also a large standard lamp looks lovely using the long beaded
fringing and add some of our lace dyed in gold.. Let your imagination run wild.
Scented cinnamon bundles are a lovely alternative for in the
toilet or as a table centre piece. Make a Christmas look by
changing the flower to a Romantique themed Rose. I have used
one rose and a  viola sprig and Ribbon but a tassel of Beaded
fringe would look nice.
Padded coathangers come up a treat with the
addition of some of our beautiful Guipure
Rayon Lace. Dyed or undyed as seen here , you
only need a rose and a beaded tassel to
complete. Variations are nearly unlimited.
Here is a standard Lamp using Woodland long beaded fringing. The Fandagle on the top is simple tyed on and
can be removed and attached to anything else. Also the one on the side is attached using velcro so if you want
to add it to a hat or handbag you simply remove it and replace it later.
These Fandangles have a large leaf base and one or two centre flowers and little
Forget-me-nots , Hydrangeas , Violas and Violets tucked in for filler flowers. Start with the
Beaded Fringe . Add velcro to the back or hairdressers sectioning clips or a brooch back ar
even a hair clip. Add them to you home decore or hat, bag, scarf or hair for a romantic look
Make you own Christmas
Wreath or Ball to decorate your
door. So pretty you'd want to
leave it there all year.
You can decorate just about
anything with our lace, flowers and
beaded fringing. Here we have a pair
of scented shoe stuffers.
The same principal can be used on lavender heat wheat bags, plastic bag holders, toilet roll
holders, tea cosies, hair clips, brooches. Use your imagination and give a home made gift
Below is an assortment of hair
accessories. Give it a go and let your
imagination run wild.
Clip on Lamp Fandangles
These are also suitable for Pew decorations at Weddings or
aditions to Curtain Tie Backs.