This is our "Come with me to the Casbah" page. We envision all the colours
of an eastern markets with the fruity spicy scents and hints of gold and
bronze. Picture Casablanca and you have the look.
All our Autumn tones and warm colours go with this theme.
Baskets are great to do up in any theme. Pack
with some of our Spicey soaps or Cedarwood
and Mango butter bathsalts and Sandlewood pot
pourri for a Cinnibah gift basket.
This appliquet already comes gold but any of our
laces or white appliques can be dyed gold for this
Here is one of our exotic Cinnibah beaded
fringing $25 per Mt and one of our short our
short gold $10 per Mt
We sell long cinnamon bundles of 6 for $9.50
undecorated. It doesn't take much to elaborate
them and then they are a great fragranced bundle
Cinnibah Long beaded fringing
$60 per Mt or $16 for 25cm.
A scented Doorstop using gold
lace and a tassel and
Organza and velvet posy
Used on the hair claw to the left.
Hair Claw
This uses only 10cm of the long
beaded fringing
This braid is great for finishing off
a lampshade.
Leaf Spray
This mosquito net project uses short
beaded fringing and yellow violas.
Large Rose wall Hanging
Curtain tie backs using hydrangeas
and medium beaded fringing
Medium beaded fringing
Hydrangea bunch
Organza and velvet
medium sized rose
Here is a sample of "Clover"
dyed in the Cinnibah colours
Even jars can be decorated with
our lace, beaded fringing and
Heart frame dyed gold