Braids and Ribbons
Rococo Ribbon Flower Braid
Multi coloured
This Rose trim is absolutely gorgeous. It has big Organza Roses ,organza ribbon with
gold fringing . This is on  elastic so is very easy to use. Ideal for lampshade topping or
a simple scrunchy. The rose measures 7 cm across. It sells for $22.50 per Mt .
The flowers can be cut off and used individually as well.
A very versatile trim!
The fringing below has a lovely wide braid on the top and the fringing is in thin organza ribbons and threads. Beautiful  
This sells for $22.50 per MtThis is ready to use as a tassel or a Tassle Lady.
Beige Colour also available (not shown)
(See our selection of half dolls on the Ladies Page)
Romantique Elastic Rose Trim
Cinnibah Elastic Rose Trim
Tre Chic Elastic Rose Trim
Vintage Vogue Elastic Rose Trim
Eggplant Ribbon Fringe
Vintage Vogue Ribbon Fringe
Nautilus "Sea Foam" Ribbon
This new Eyelash Trim has a hairy look with bead drops
Romantique Eyelash Trim
Vintage Vogue Eyelash Trim
Nautilus Eyelash Trim
Woodland Elastic Rose Trim
Elastic Ribbon Rose
Woodland Muslin Trim
Tre Chic Muslin Trim
Cinnibah Muslin Trim
Tre Chic Eyelash Trim
2" Wide Velvet Ribbon
Lace Fringing
Dark Vintage Vogue Elastic Rose Trim
Chainette fringe in black or gold is ideal behind the long beaded fringing to emphasise the pattern.
Woodland Eyelash Trim
Woodland Fuzzy Trim
also available in gold
This is a Chenile Braid in
Woodland Colours
Rococo Ribbon Flower
Ivory Muslin Trim
Coral Muslin Trim
Dark Pink Muslin Trim
Mint Muslin Trim
Nautilus Flower Braid
Romantique Flower Braid
Cranberry and Gold
Trailing Roses Ribbon
Caledon Ribbon
Romantique Ribbon Fringe
Lace and Organza Fringe
A beautiful lush ribbon fringe with
chenile loops.
Rose Ribbon Trim
Chocolate Elastic Rose Trim
Red Elastic Rose Trim
Embroidered Floral
Ribbon - Wooodland
Embroidered Floral
Ribbon - Cinnibah
Chenile Rick Rack
Chenile Rick Rack
Vintage Vogue
Velvet Hydrangea Braid
Tre Chic - Pink
Velvet Hydrangea Braid
Tre Chic - Light
Velvet Hydrangea Braid
Tre Chic - Dark
Velvet Hydrangea Braid
Vintage Vogue
Tre Chic Tassel Trim
Cinnabah Eyelash Trim
Unbeaded Eyelash Trim
Other colours in 6" chainette
Pink Netting Frill
Pink Netting