Bygone Days Vintage Crafts began as a home to home creativity
based business.

It began in the very homes of it's founders, Deborah and Karen
who live in the Beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland
Australia. Although we started as a party plan business we
opened a lovely little shop on Gallery Walk on Mount Tamborine.

After working together for 12 years we have decided to divide
into 2 individual shops and I now have all the craft supplies
and jewellery in a cute building out the front of where we
located, now called just
Vintage Crafts
My aim is to continue to inspire and to see craft based gifts,
interior decor and the raw materials needed to make such items
easily accessible to everyone.
It is my hope to encourage and enthuse others to use their
innate ability to CREATE and MAKE beautiful things using my
beaded fringing, lace and velvet flowers and trims

I do post Australia Wide so you are not deprived
of my beautiful Embellishments, Kits, Gifts or Home Decor.
Also please drop in to us at 117A Long Road where you will receive
friendly one on one service.
To make your creating easier at Vintage Crafts I have colour themed pages.
If for instance you want to decorate  your room with Burgundy accessories
you would go to the Romantique page and everything burgundy would be
there. This will enable you to see at a glance  exactly what products I have
to help you embellish your hat, bag, lampshade, mosquito net, table
runner, hair accessory, brooches etc, etc. I still have the products  pages if
you prefer to browse by items. -

Our colour theme names are as follows. Just click on them to open the new page
ROMANTIQUE - Burgundy, Maroon, Ruby, Garnet, Rich Reds.

TRE CHIC - This is our version of the popular Shabby Chic look. In this theme we have
included our pinks mainly, with a few cream items as well. Pastel pink, Dusky Pink, Coral, Cream
and Beige.

VINTAGE VOGUE - Purples, Violet, Mauve, Lavender and Lilac tones here.

CINNIBAH - This theme is our Eastern flavour with all the colours of a Casbaar in Casablanca.
Gold, Silver, Copper, Cinnamon, Tan, Autumn tones and Browns

WOODLAND - All the leafy foliage colours here ranging from Olive, Emerald and Teal down to
Sage,  and Mint.

NAUTILUS - All the Blue Ocean colours of  Navy, Indigo, Royal Blue, Aqua and Baby Blue.
We have also included White , being reminiscent of sea foam and snow.
Vintage Crafts